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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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Bag of Phones by Even Rings

The Freedom of Speech lawyer-wanna-be-part-of-me suddenly realized there is probably a sneaky way to get around the "No Cell Phones in Cars" rule that is a local ordinance for our school zones. By using a Clear Communications wireless internet modem, a DC-AC inverter, Clear Comm VOIP (Voice Over IP) telephony box and a regular old-fashioned telephone, you can telephonically communicate in an automobile without using cellular telephony. Kinda back to the old bag phone days, in terms of bag-gage volume! Remember those?

Because it's a regular phone system I realized I could plug multiple phones into the same system with a Y-connector, so I hooked in a wireless headset and a wired land-line type unit. So that would be useful on a very large vehicle for an intercom, back seat drivers, or conference calls.

Yes, I even included an answering machine that I will never ever pay attention to, (just like always!!!). Now, where did I put that fax machine? Oh, there it is in the back seat. I'll take some pictures of the system WITH the system as soon as I install a Skype video phone.

At least I didn't try to put a telephone in my vehicle using tin cans and string technology. What about tin cans and fibre optic cable instead?

Disclaimer: This blog note is intended for entertainment purposes only. Please check your equipment and service provider's rules and guidelines for configuration and usage. Check all appropriate laws and regulations before assembling and operating telephonic equipment as well as performing activities in a safe manner. Be a good lil pumpkin as always!

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