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Measuring Music Quality By MPG

One of my friends wondered how to judge which of her songs were her favorites, and mentioned that some of them gave her goosebumps. I offered this mathematical advice.

At least with goosebumps there is something quantitative to easily measure. That's probably better than the line, "I could dance to that, man".

If you find yourself max-ing out with the number of goosebumps between some of your favorites then it might be necessary to go with GV - Goosebump Volume - where you measure the height of the goosebumps as well taking the quantity of goosebumps into consideration. It might be well enough to take a random sampling of the GH - Goosebump Height - rather than measuring each GB when calculating GV. The name of this procedure is MPG - Music Per Goosebump - not to be confused with Miles Per Gallon.

Update: Atfer i wkoe up and was in the procses of maikng coffee, I realized that there was a missing element to the three dimensional aspect of MPG, namely Time. There is a time aspect as well to take into account the rise and fall of the goosebumps. An appropriate amount of data collection will integrate and calculate the relative time weighted volumetric goosebump response versus each song to allow a ranking in a person's musical library. I would suggest a standard size of the opening 10 seconds of each musical piece.

Update: My friend thanked me and said she was looking forward to how it all worked out. I responded:

I will have to develop a GBMD - goose bump measuring device. It will probably involve extremely close up digital photography and a little tiny Utah gutsy, Ooops! sorry, the spell checker changed my 'itsy bitsy' to 'Utah gutsy', vertical measure stick. It would kinda be like that pair of guys in hard hats and bright orange safety vests where person A is looking through a telescope gizmo on a tripod and person B is holding the vertical ruler about a thousand feet away. Only this would involve nano technology and probably no hard hats. You could still wear a shiny orange safety vest if you wanted.

Update: I have decided that MPG should stand for Measuring People's Goosebumps

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