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Interruption Day? No, It Was Mother's Day!

I was hoping to get to write today, but I wound up getting interrupted the entire day. But they were mainly positive interruptions.

Right as I was at the end of making breakfast for myself and Cooper a few minutes earlier, my wife barged in the house irritated because she could not reach me by phone. My cell phone was left at the other end of the house. She let me know that my mother was coming through town to visit and that I needed to come downtown to visit her there. So she left in a huff. I thought, wow, it would have been nice for my mother to let me know she was coming through town. She lives 300 plus miles away.

I continued at my normal pace of preparing for the day, and wound up arriving downtown about 5 minutes before my mother arrived. This was my mother's first time to get to visit our store since we got it in January of 2011. This was also the second time to get to see my mother in the past year. The other had been at a funeral, so this was a much better time to chat. So we had a wonderful time eXploring the building and showing her all that we have been up to in the game of retail and services, as well as some other personal news. [I can tell you more about this only at a later date.]

I spent the rest of the day traveling to Amarillo to bring one of my sister-in-laws home for the holiday of tom-orrow, and then doing groc shopping for everyone. I also got to help another sister-in-law by returning her son's jacket to the store where it was purchased. The clerk had forgot to remove the anti-theft device from the jacket when it was purchased. So that took an eXtra half hour of my day. At least the great nephew will now be "properly" attired in his University of Texas Longhorns football jacket. (That isn't my alma mater) I'm late at night suddenly thinking, what good is an anti-theft device if it makes its way out of the store undetected on a product that was legally purchased? Maybe I am missing something here.

I finally found the new synthetic oil for my truck but then found out later that I had paid way too much for it. But I need to get my oil changed while the weather is nice, and rain is eXpected on Friday. The synthetic oil is s'pposed to last much longer than regular oil. It is Rotella T6. I haven't found the recommended change interval yet, though.

Actually I did a lot of blog writing earlier in the day, but it was all comments on other peoples blogs. I rough drafted an idea for something about one percenters and I think I have an interesting spin, but it requires way too much research to produce accurately in one day. So maybe later this week. I don't want the great unruly mobs to think I'm a real one percenter. I just realized that I forgot to buy my lotto ticket today, drats.

I will end this blog post with the recipe I was cooking when I got in trouble this morning. My new recipe for scrambled eggs.

Some very thin chicken deli meat - about enough for one normal sandwich
Chunk of Kraft Mild Mexican Velveeta Cheese - 10% of the package - cut into 8 long pieces
4 Eggs
Small amount of canola oil

Chili Powder
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Black Pepper

Find a small teflon pan that looks like it would just barely be able to hold and cook four eggs at one time comfortably.
Put in some canola oil. Coat pan surface very well.
Find a lid for the pan
Get a plastic spatula - I prefer a thin one.
Crack open the eggs without breaking the yolks, in the pan..
Create a cross pattern with four of the cheese pieces to separate the eggs uniformly. Then place the remaining cheese chunks in each egg quadrant. (Having the eggs trapped by the cheese is handy because my stove is not level!!!)
Cut the deli chicken into small pieces and scatter over the top surface of the eggs and cheese.
Put on your desired amounts of seasonings.
Put lid on pan
Start a medium fire under the pan. Allow it to get some of the egg white hardened before popping the egg yolks. The nice visual effect at the end will be scrambled eggs with a lot the distinct yellow and white.
I scrape the bottom of the pan about every 20 seconds. Adjust your flame and turning time delay to match your desired results through practicing this recipe several times.
Put lid back on pan between scraping.
The cheese makes it difficult to "finish" cooking the eggs in just the pan, so thats where a microwave oven comes in handy for finishing the process. When the pan starts to make too many scorched egg cheesiness, its time to stop cooking in the pan, and finish the process with the microwave oven. Dump the skillet contents into a microwaveable bowl, and immediately cook for 45-60 seconds. Contents very hot!

I like to eat the scrambled eggs with a side of round white corn Tostitos and salsa. I prefer to add a small amount of sugar to my salsa. Mix 6 volumes salsa to 1 volume sugar. Stir. I prefer to mix the left over salsa from my two local Mexican food restaurants. They are completely different in texture & content, and when mixed together they are balanced wonderfully.

If you are lucky you'll get pictures in the future! Sorry, I have to hurry its 5 minutes til midnight!!!

For this meal I prefer dilute hot black coffee.

One more story about the end of the day. One of the nice things about driving back from Amarillo is that I always get to drive right by my best friend's house. So I sent her a text message saying that I liked the light decorations on her house. I get an immediate response telling me that I had better stop driving and texting at the same time. So I sent her this message: "I don't text and drive! I pulled over to the shoulder of the road (now twice) and put on my 4 way flashers." She immediately sent me a smiley face.

So I got in "phone-y trouble" at both ends of the day by a couple of my favorite women, and had some fun and food and chatted with several others, sisters of a different kind, and my mother in the middle. A rare day.

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fmcgmccllc said...

I can explain the clothes anti-theft device. As it was explained to me the devices are set for each store. Some stores do not even have the detector and or sensors. When the clothes move from store to store, voila it gets all messed up.

Happy Turkey Day.

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