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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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Wrong Way Fray

I was assigned to change a fan motor on an HVAC unit several months ago. As part of my training I took a lot of pictures that day. I didn't have access to the inside of the rental unit because no one lived there. I could only test the unit from the outside by pushing the contactor switch, the same switch that the inside thermostat controls. 

What was really bizarre was the fact that who ever had just worked on the unit had the condenser unit fan turning the wrong direction, it was pulling the air INTO the unit instead of blowing out the top. Plus the bearings were shot on the motor. The owner of the house was trying to sell the building and didn't want to pay for a new motor, so my mentor friend graciously gave him an old motor that still worked just fine. Emphasis: FREE motor.

My mentor had told me that I would get the service call fee for performing the motor swap. 

I waited several weeks. No pay. No mention about that particular job.

Finally when I ask my mentor, he tells me that the landlord doesn't want to pay because he said the unit didn't work so the landlord had someone else change out the motor again (without telling us) and that the AC unit still doesn't work.

So I drove by and checked on the unit because it was easily accessible. My previous photos came in handy because it proved that YES, the motor had been changed again, but this time the motor had a rotation arrow on the outside case that showed the direction it would spin, AND ... are you ready for this? ... the fan was installed backwards AGAIN. So I called my mentor and informed him of my discovery. He would see what he could do.

Nothing. That is what got accomplished. So after several weeks I called him up again pointing out the business logic of the situation saying, we were only asked to change out a fan motor and that we had accomplished that particular task and that we, or rather I, should be paid for doing the job. Of course I was given the line that the unit didn't function so the customer didn't want to pay.

So yesterday I decided to confirm that the fan was actually installed backwards when I realized that all I had to do was press the contactor button again to prove that it was installed wrong. So I did this, AND shot video of the fan running the wrong direction. I also ran the compressor just long enough so that I could feel the suction line getting cold, so the compressor works at least to some degree. 

So I let my mentor know what my latest discoveries were and so I think I should hopefully get paid. But I'm not eXpecting anything anytime too soon from anyone.


Friko said...

too many people involved here, methinks. how about you approach the owner direct?

esbboston said...

I wouldn't mind dealing with the customer, but I am kind of being a subcontractor in this situation. The amount of money is fairly low, and I feel that my mentor should have paid me right away. He is the one who asked me to perform the task, and now I get the feeling he has had problems with this particular customer before, and that was why he sent me to do the job! So there are some trust issues developing. I don't seem to have many problems with the few people that are "my" customers. In the long run I am trying to maintain an adequate training relationship with my mentor, which is far more valuable than any one fee. There were just so many absurdities with this particular tale.

fmcgmccllc said...

Oh the tales of home maintaining I could tell you. But you are right, as the sub-contracter you should be paid whether the boss man gets his money or not. Lesson learned, your "mentor" has money problems or is cheap. Keep a sharp eye out.

esbboston said...

My pay has mainly been grilled chicken sandwiches. But they are the best GCS in town, they have bacon on them, mmM, and BBQ sauce, AND Dr Pepper.

But that was during the summer when we were busy. Not busy now. So I am paying for my own sandwiches at the moment. At least there is less 2nd hand cigarette smoke in my life.

Just studying the last part of my HVAC college course, finally getting to the heating section. hopefully done soon. The only heating system I have worked on was mine. The problem was simple. The panel was loose that pushes the door safety switch. Duct tape.

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