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Salt and Pepper, Tar and Feather

My response after watching the police pepper spray the college students at the University of California on teleBision: FIRED!!!! Thats what I want. To nonchalantly spray students sitting/protesting motionless on a sidewalk in the face, directly in their FACES! That person deserves to be fired immediately.

A friend of a friend (FoaF) responded: And pepper-sprayed!

My Response to the FoaF: I would even go for dipped in pepper spray. Publically and upside down multiple times, of course. Hmmm, I wonder, how many dips does it take to get to the middle of a ... , I know, the number of peasants the knight in non-shiny armor happened to blast in the face during his crusade.

I am reminded of another phrase: Hold 'em under til they bubble. I am not eXactly sure what it means, but I feel eXperimentation is in order.

I thought about the riot gear, and it hides the identity of the pepper sprayer. I bet if they would have to reveal their names they would think twice about doing this to another human being. AND they have been put on administrative leave pending an investigation, so their secrets aren't so safe any more. When a regular law enforcement officer is on patrol you can see his badge, and his id is available for feedback. The lines blur, is this Iran or the USofA?

I am very sure it would be an OSHA safely violation if this occurred in the workplace!

At least I know the name of my waiter when he brings the food to my table, and politely asks, "Would you like fresh ground pepper with your entrée?"


Friko said...

Baton charges are the cops' favourite method of 'defending' freedom round here.

There you, we do all live in a democracy, don't we.

esbboston said...

I agree, democraZy

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