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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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I'm Just That "Kind" of Son

Time: Fifteen Minutes Before Midnight

Place: My Couch

The teleBision set is turned down while focusing on my iPad game, when I hear an advertisement for a well known music superstar that is going to be playing in the neighboring state soon, near where my mother lives.

Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr., or you probably know him as Snoop Dogg, is going to be performing at an Indian casino in Oklahoma.

I suddenly get an idea and crack up laughing.

My Wonderful Idea: I am such a good son, so I must immediately tell my mommy that a music superstar is going to be in town (well, close by, I think its just a few miles from her, wouldn't want to miss it, who needs sleep?)

Wikipedia confirms that its very close to my mother.

I call mommy. No answer.

I try a different number just to be sure, nope, I was right the first time.

Suddenly my iPad lights up with an incoming phone call from her.

She gives me a drowsy initial question, "Is anything wrong?", and I respond with an eXcited rapid fire voice announcing the soon arrival of the one, and hopefully ever only, Snoop Dogg playing nearby. I try reaLLy hard not to laugh, and she starts to try to give a reply of "what are you talking about?", while I start to interrupt with a briefer Snoop Dogg eXplanation, when suddenly she catches on and cracks up laughing followed by my equal vocal eruption.

She tells me the story that my step-father liked to tease her about Willie Nelson. When he would see the giant billboard on the interstate highway announcing the arrival of Willie playing at the same casino, my step-father would always tell her, "Your boyfriend is back in town."

The phone call only lasts for a minute and a half, and we spend half of that minute and a half ha-ha-ing. But she needs her sleep and I think (?) she thanks me for calling. Ah, such a nice way to end a Saturday, to end a week. Good night, Momma.

Update: 2012.03.03 14:00

I just checked Willie's schedule and he is currently just south of me in Lubbock TX performing this evening, and then in April will be at the previously mentioned casino near my mother, just in time for Easter! BUT ... there is a price difference. The minimum amount for a ticket in Lubbock today is $45 and the future show near mom is $250, plus fees. You do get lotza eXtra goodies for the $250 package, and I s'ppose if he is your boyfriend it would be okay, but then I thought, if he is reaLLy my mom's boyfriend she should get in free. Perhaps I should call their "Help" telephone number to see if that would be possible. Then maybe if they started dating, Willie could be my new daddie. I checked, and Willie and my mom are pretty close in age, so thats a plus. Wikipedia says he has been married four times and currently married, but that hasn't appeared to prevent him from dating in the past. I am not sure what his current policies are, or how mean his current wife is, which would be a deciding factor. Plus my mother is currently married, I forgot to mention that.

Extras in the Casino Package Deal

Premium Package Includes:
   1 great ticket to the show
   1 exclusive Willie Nelson T-shirt
   1 exclusive Willie Nelson Professional 8x10 Photograph
   1 keepsake VIP laminate
   1 year Willie Nelson Club Luck* fan club membership
   1 digital download of the live show

Update: 2012.03.03 17:00

My mother and I know how to have a good time. I call her on the phone to chat quite often, but not often enough. A long time ago when I only had three real names instead of four, my initials were EBB, but I was a huge Elton John music fan and somehow in my early college years I informally had Elton as a nickname. I knew that even Elton Hercules John was reaLLy Reginald Kenneth Dwight. Some people didn't even know my real first name. One day two of my friends at the science building were arguing over whether Ernie or Elton was my real first name, which of course, its neither, the real first name is Ernest. So in college I would practice writing creatively wonderful bizarre letters home to my mother which were signed:

    Elton Ernest [my B middle name] Boston
    The First, The Worst, and Probably The Last

So now you finally know what the word 'blog' stands for:



Aysh said...

Who knew your mother loved hip hop!?
On a serious note, my father LOVES snoop.
this post made me smile :D

fmcgmccllc said...

You are a good son, a laugh is always good for the soul. Now if you could just Willie to come back.

Rob Z Tobor said...


Shelly said...

It sounds like you and your mom have great times together, which is a wonderful thing. And Willie Nelson or Snoop? The Red Headed Stranger, hands down!

Julie Hutchinson said...

You're very sweet esbboston. I was an Elton John fan too. He had the honors of having the most albums in my collection. Favourites....Rocket Man. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, Tiny Dancer, Honky Cat...sob... sob (crying for lost youth).

esbboston said...

Julie! Julie! Julie! ah, itzo-kay, (hugz), go find something of his that is fun and eXciting, try Whitewash County

Tonight it's hot down here
I can almost smell the rain
And I can almost taste the fear
Behind your name
Fans turning on the ceiling
I feel sticky as a chili dog
White boys howling in the evening
On that hollow log

I just downloaded the song from iTunes, available as a single ....

You have a Wonderful Downunderful Day!

Arlee Bird said...

Enjoyed the exchange between you and your mom. I sometimes call my mother with similar banter.

Strange about the Indian casinos. What a boon for the artists of yesterday. Old codgers can know go watch other old codgers we used to see when we were all younger codgers.

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