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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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Schrödinger's New Improved Cat

I think I figured out a solution to the physics thought problem "Schrödinger's Cat" after reading a news article this morning, "Scientists Teleport Schrödinger's Cat". BUT, surprise surprise, there was no actual cat involved, only light.

I propose to put a door handle on the inside of Schrödinger's box and then train a cat to open the door on command. The command is sent by using a cell phone with a ring tone that the cat understands as the signal to open the door. If I can't find a cat that is smart enough to do this task then a dog will be auditioned instead. My news headline, if successful, will be "Scientist Telephones Schrödinger's Pet".

I wasn't sure which ring tone to use for sure, but then I thought that another experiment to do first would be to play various teleBision commercials for feline products and see if any of them give a consistent positive response from a cat. Perhaps the Meow Mix commercial, that sounds like a good place to start.

But because I deeply care for dogs I will not let a dog volunteer to do the experiment until he completely understands the risks involved (death) and the dog can clearly communicate that understanding in English. The dog doesn't necessarily have to be able to speak, any form of valid communication such as sign language or typing on a computer keyboard would be equally acceptable.

Reference about a group of scientists claiming to have transported Schrödinger's Cat. See link: News Story

Here is a link to the wikipedia article on Schrödinger's Cat: To Meow Or Not To Meow, That Is The Question

Of course I figured you could always just get really close to the box and yell, "CAT, GET OUT OF THE BOX BEFORE YOU DIE!!!"

Update: I just saw a great T-shirt at SNORGTEES. It has a picture of a cat on an Old West style wanted poster, with the words [Wanted - Dead & Alive - Schrödinger's Cat] notice, that was an ampersand, (i.e. "AND"), not the word "OR". Love it! It would be great if they had it in inventory AND didn't have it in your size.

Link to T-shirt

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