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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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A Window-Window Situation

Several weeks ago a drunk driver smashed a pickup truck into a west side window of a restaurant across the street from our business. He only went about a block from the bar on Main Street and I believe that he also hit two other vehicles before jumping the very high curb into the window.

But he appears to be a very "obedient" drunk driver. He may have been confused by "instructions" from the giant sign with bright yellow letters, way high up on the south side of the restaurant:

'Drive Thru Window'

A friend made mention of the drunk driver that smashed into her house about a year ago causing extensive damage to her home and wiping out one of her vehicles.

My Response: I agree, your acci-dent was significantly more exciting. Its a good thing you didn't have a "Drive Thru Window" sign on the side of your house, the drunk driver might have tried to use it as an excuse. I might recommend installing a DTW sign, complete with lights, (maybe neon?) on a nearby neighbors house just in case an obedient drunk driver comes Thru your neighborhood looking for a Window. But a tree, preferably a stout one, would be safer than a house as a sign mount. Well, maybe not for the driver.

Invention: Maybe drunk drivers would respond to a bright light the same way an insect is attracted to a light at night. You could mount a GPS-navigation-computer controlled light (like a heads up display in a military aircraft) in the "cockpit" of the drunk drivers car. Then when he got ready to go home he could punch a single house shaped button on the dash. The light could indicate which direction to turn the wheel, maybe even help with the gas and brake pedals, too. (Of course pushing the house shaped button could also call the cops AND disable his ignition system)

Invention Link: The Next Invention in My Blog

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