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Obama Time Machine Math

One of my friends wrote the following, most likely copying it from someone else:

Let's take the United States to it's pre 1957 state - no Hawaii - then Mr Obama will for sure not be a citizen of this great country and those of us with any intelligence can support Israel until the end! That's ok the God I worship and the nation of Israel wins I read THE BOOK

My Response: Haha, doing the math, BHObama was born in the year 1961, so HAwaii was already 716 days old. While doing the math I suddenly realized why BHObama must be so special - he was born in the SAME month as YOU! ROBLOLAMLOI - rolling on bed laughing out loud at my level of inventiveness.

Now I wonder why the original author chose "1957" when wikipedia has 1959 for the year Hawaii became a state. Do you suppose there is another conspiracy theory now going on about Hawaii's birth certificate as well?

Update: I later found out "they" had an argument about whether it was 1957, 1958, or 1959, and chose the oldest year to be safe, so it was a group thing.

My Second Response: Thats funny that you had an argument about a statehood year when there were probably at least 4 internet devices (guessing the number of smart phones etc) in the room to search the year! I did read the CNN article about the Obama proposal for Israel to return to its pre-1967 borders, and that has no support from either Netanyahu or Hamas, who want to take Israel to a pre-1948 state. I imagine that Israel will keep right on doing whatever it wants based on its previous behavior and the United States government will keep right on supporting Israel based on its previous behavior. (I did look up Israel's birth year of 1948 AD, so hope-fool-ly Wikipedia was correct) Israel can always insist on it's 930 BC borders.

My Third Response: I was reading the requirements for Prez, and noticed that it says "natural born Citizen" - so this must mean anyone who was born by C-section method or a test tube baby would not be eligible to be Prez. We'll have to find out how he was born!

I looked at his long form birth certificate, and it does not indicate type of birth, C-section or natural, BUT I did learn that his last name is really "OBAMA, II", in uppercase. Does that mean we are supposed to say it really loud (uppercase) when speaking his name, and should we pronounce the II part as each letter of the alphabet as "eye eye" ? Maybe its suppose to be pronounced "Obama comma eye eye".

OH NO!!! I just saw the space between the comma and the II, he is a SPACE man, SO HE IS AN ALIEN !!! This totally disqualifies him as president, he isn't even HUMAN!!!

Link to Barak H. Obama II Birth Certificate Long Form PDF File

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