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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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So 66 Is 'The Mark of The Best'?

I saw that Phillips 66 (a gasoline brand of ConocoPhillips) has teleBision advertising with an idiotic theme of "Show Us What You Are The Best At", with an example of someone who is the best at "staring". They have someone stare back at the world's best stare-er and squirt water at his face, subtly reminding you of fuel injection.

So they want people to submit their "I'm Best At" ideas in order to win a year's worth of free gasoline. 

I thought, hmm, I've already spent 28 plus years showing your company what I was really honestly good at (inventing things, fixing things and building better systems) and you fired me. PLUS they didn't give me the bonus I earned for 2008 even though they fired me in 2009 right before they announced the annual bonus for the previous year. Wonderful timing on their part. Of course they actually had "loaned me" to a joint venture of the company 8 years earlier with Chevron, so they probably won't consider that Tricky Timing Bonus Thing their idea.

So good luck with that theme of 'Equating a Comatose Wide-Eyed Vertical Man' with 'Quality', I'm sure you'll go far. (I chose an evenly spaced hypnotic Courier font on purpose for effect just then) I'll just try to stay a little farther away from you. As far as the contest though, I think I'll just stick to trying to be an honest person, and I know better than to try to submit that idea to their contest. It looks like they have done a good job spending my last bonus.

Update: Hah! I just remembered that Google puts ads by my stories that are driven by content, so its possible that a Phillips 66 ad could show up on my blog, and then if someone clicked it, I would receive ad revenue from them! How ironically funny; maybe thats what I am the best in the world at, who knows .....

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