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WHAT Kind of Unicorn?!?!?

This is from a hand written "missing" poster in the Seattle area. It cheered me up considerably this morning.


[picture of a burrito with short stubby legs, eyes and nose on one end, no mouth, with what appears to be toothpicks stuck on each end]

3 year old burrito unicorn
he got off his leash while we were at Urban Light Studio
last seen around 85th and Greenwood
dearly missed by his family
his name is Juan-Antonio
if seen please call 253-315-[I omitted the rest of phone number]

[end of poster]

I found this link to the art studio: CLICK HERE

I looked carefully at the art studio website, but sadly, I did not find the burrito unicorn, at least no lost Juans, oops, I mean, lost ones.

UPDATE: According to my research it is a cellular phone in Auburn WA

I just sent a text message, "I hope Juan-Antonio has made it safely home"

Reply back 4 minutes later: "He showed up on our doorstep last night. He was a little bit thin. But a meal of jellybeans and a salad fixed that up real quick. He is really happy today"

UPDATE: I found a tremendous amount of burrito unicorn photos at Flikr, please check out this content, with some of the content going beyond the normal G rating of my blog contents.

My friend in London is deciding to make a Burrito Unicorn, a long lost cousin to Juan-Antonio and the Pablo of Flikr fame. She asked for suggestions, and knowing her favorite food, I offered the following advice.

My Response to London Friend: I suggest a superstructure of steel reinforced bacon covered with rainbow colored cloth soaked in bacon grease coated with plaster that is at least 3.5 percent bacon (by volume, not weight). Yes, the Flikr site is amazing, I haven't even got to the end of his photos yet, cracked up laughing at several, I think the piece of advice to never cut a burrito unicorn in half is very sound advice. I did find it interesting that a burrito unicorn has a ring structure similar to a tree. Have you thought of a name for your BU yet? 'Kevin' might be a good choice, due to a high Bacon content.

2nd Item: My recommendation for building a burrito unicorn is to "borrow" a horn from a real unicorn to add that eXtra bit of realism, otherwise people are just going to say, "that doesn't look real"

Update: A friend of my London friend also decided to construct a burrito unicorn and said she would follow my advice to look for a real unicorn horn.

My Response Concerning Unicorn Horn Gathering: Due to the size difference (0.1 kg vs 348 kg) between the typical burrito unicorn and typical European unicorn, it would probably be advisable to only use the tip of the E. unicorn horn for use with the B. unicorn. I recommend general anesthesia -OR- an old Barney (The Dinosaur) tape to lull the E. unicorn into a gentle sleep before performing the semi-dehorning. Contrary to popular belief the central nervous system of a unicorn eXtends into the horn. You might be surprised that most people don't know this.

Update 2011.06.14 - I found an ANT UNICORN on my sidewalk!!!

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